Catalina & Ohm guide

As we’ve reported, Catalina’s update isn’t the best timing for us as we’re in the process of creating a new technological platform for our plugins which deprives all of our plugins save for the nearly done Ohmboyz Infinity of a proper installer. The good news though is the current Ohm Force line up, can still be run on Catalina. Here’s how:

Case 1: you have the plugs already installed on a pre-Catalina OSX. Just accept the Catalina update.

Whether you have AAX, VST2 or AU it works and you won’t notice anything.

Case 2: you have Catalina installed, how to install the plugins?

Path to the install information on a French OSX

The simple way: just contact us with your user account at [email protected] and we’ll provide a specific set of files with instructions on how to install them manually (nothing complicated). The only cons is that the name appearing on the plug will be a generic “Catalinohm”.

If you’re a Big Girl though (or a Big Boy), and already have the plugins installed on another computer, you can replicate the process by yourself while keeping your nickname displayed on the UI. Assuming you’re OSX literate enough:

  • copy the plugin component itself from your library (AU, VST or AAX in their predefined path – see below)
  • copy the install information from the users/[your user name]/libraries/Application Support/Ohmforce
    (note: you only need to do this with licensed products. You don’t need it for free ones)
  • copy the presets from the libraries/Ohm Force folder
  • paste all of this with a similar path on the new Catalina computer. Enter admin code when required, you know the drill.
  • reboot

Et voilà, you’re good to go. For now no demo available but we do refund up to two weeks after purchase. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any issues or questions.