Ohmboyz Infinity EA – FAQ

Feel free to ask questions below, so that we constantly expand that document. For now:

Q: How long will the special offer last?

A: Probably until release but we’ll follow the Early Access paradigm where the earlier you buy, the better the discount. Expect the discount to become smaller over time, typically when we make a feature update.


Q: Can I use Ohmboyz Infinity in my projects with a risk of loosing my patches?

A: Yes. Newer versions will always be able to load older patch, typically without any change in the sound although that might happen on occasion if we make change on the DSP.


Q: I own good ol’ Ohmboyz not infinity. How does the new kid on the block compare.

A: it’s way more advanced on every front, and it’s going to be way way more advanced on every front thanks for release. Way more FX in the DSP (including pitch shift, freq shift, speed setting), way more modulations with a deeply improved behavior, way more taps, and those bloody awesome macros².


Q:  I own good ol’ Ohmboyz not infinity. Where’s my upgrade offer?

A: there is one. Make sure you’re logged in and enjoy a better price in your cart on buying Ohmboyz Infinity.


Q: How long will the Early Access last?

A: it depends on many factor and that’s typically something we want to discuss with the Early Access people. For now we’re thinking Q4 2018.


Q: Do you plan to release a demo?

A: for the released version, yes. For the Early Access version, it doesn’t make sense. This version will constantly be evolving which defeat the point of a demo, which is to give users an idea of the value of the plug. In Early Access there’s what’s there but also a lot that will add up. Of course we understand one can hesitate to invest but you can easily check we’ve been around releasing great plugs for a while now. And keep in mind the more people funding that Early Access effort, the better the released version for everyone. So it’s about saving money, impacting dev and common goods.


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