V 0.0.2

Feel free to comment here for any feature request or bug report.
Please note that you will need to uninstall to reinstall on windows.
This shouldn’t be the case in the future.

Release Notes:

Second release for the OhmBoyz Infinity

v 0.0.2 : 12.06.2018

  • Add Delay Dry In Parameter.
  • Load Default preset at startup.
  • New macros GUI.
  • Use Delay Volume in the Overview.
  • Add Midi affectation to the Freeze line.
  • Add Mono routing for AAX version.

Currently working on

  • NKS support.
  • Fixing AAX preset loading and mono/stereo issues.
  • Fix AU load on Logic Pro X.
  • Modulation process optimisation.
  • Macro knob mouse position.

3 thoughts on “V 0.0.2

  1. Win7 64bit SP1

    Live Suite 10.0.2 64bit

    HP Pavilion M7
    i7-3610QM CPU 2.3GHz
    8GB RAM

    Access Virus TI Kybd as MIDI controller and audio interface

    upon loading Infinity to an empty set (no fx or instruments), as soon as the GUI shows, the CPU goes off the charts (between 109 and 127% )

  2. Weird thing in Studio One 4 on mac.
    When you tweak the macro’s with trackpad, the cursor jumps to the top left of the screen when you let go.

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