New pricing for Ohmboyz Infinity

Ohmboyz Infinity Early Access price - 79 instead of 99€ until next update


Ohmboyz Infinity is currently at a €79 (or equal value in $) “Early Access” pricing and will progressively reach its target €99 release pricing with each major feature upgrades.
Ohmboyz owners can enjoy instead an Early Access upgrade at €59 that will also progressively rise. Just log in on ohmforce and buy Ohmboyz Infinity to see it adjusted.


So we came back with a new delay nearly 20 years after the original and thought: “ok, how do we price it?”. We looked at the competition, decided were we thought was the cursor in terms of “expected value at release” and put the price accordingly at €149 for release, €99 for Early Access. Because as long as you’re in your cave, that’s the only process that makes sense.

But as soon as we put that online we weren’t in our cave anymore so we paid attention, especially to the good people of and audiofanzine who gave us a very consistent feedback:

  • “I already have [insert pornographic number here] delay plugins, no way I can spend that much on a new one”
  • “I own Ohmboyz and I still like it enough you have to motivate me more to make the move. Upgrade me!”
  • …especially as there is no demo and this is Early Access <insert well deserved rant against sh*tty Early Access in gaming here>

And also some private messages from fellow devs in the line of “you’re crazy engaging with users in discussion about pricing, they’ll be the death of you”

Well, it’s true we like crazy. So Ohmboyz Infinity is now €79 and will stay below the mythical €100 bar at release. Actually, to a lot of you it’s €59 provided you log in as an Ohmboyz owner. All this is at the current time of posting. Next update will be free of rise but important feature updates (which we’ll announce) will bring a price raise during the Early Access phase. You’ve been warned!

The reason for no demo (yet) is explained in our FAQ but it’s clear we should provide you with more information about what’s in right now. A video tour is in the making for the end of this week. In the meantime you can check the kvr for feedback from early birds such as this one.

By the way, those Early Birds will of course get a partial refund. Thanks a lot for your trust, guys!

About the upgrade pricing, please remember Ohmboyz Infinity is a complete redo of Ohmboyz so you’re getting much more than your usual upgrade price.

We hope those changes make sense. If not, as ever, shoot in the comments!


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