Ohmboyz Infinity to replace Ohmboyz in our lineup.

Bye bye to whoever that guy was.

Did you know? Ohmboyz delay was released in 2000. This plugin has been on the market for 20 years!

It’s still quite popular, but it’s also becoming unreasonable to maintain. A lot of “behind the scene” technicalities needed a fresh update.

And of course, great competition had arrived over the period, as well as feature requests and our own ideas. So we decided to create Ohmboyz Infinity. (WIP page) A complete redo with a much larger scope of features, but also able to do everything Ohmboyz did.

Ohmboyz Infinity
Ohmboyz Infinity

As a result, we’re about to discontinue support on Ohmboyz within 3 months, but we also offers upgrade to all Ohmboyz owner. As Ohmboyz Infinity is nearly in release state (probably one month more for polish) that means it’s still in a reduce prices. Upgrade is 64€ and you can save an extra 5€ using the coupon


Release prices will be €99 pack license and €70 for upgrade from an Ohmboyz. So you can save €11 on the upgrade for now. It’s less than 12. But it’s definitely more than 10. I’ll let that sink in.