V 0.0.4

Feel free to comment here for any feature request or bug report.

Release Notes:

Fourth release for the OhmBoyz Infinity

v 0.0.4 : 09.11.2018

  • Fix preset loading crash.
  • Fix loading in FL Studio.
  • Fix macro curve selector.
  • Add some GUI tweaks.
  • Add some presets.

Currently working on:

  • Next GUI.

6 thoughts on “V 0.0.4

    1. Hello RobC

      You need to open the patch browser and use the Save as Browser. Don’t click a preset as it would load it and erase your current preset.

      For now you have to retype the same name every time if you want to update it. Obviously this will be improved =)

  1. Hi
    OK now I want to assign your beautiful macros within Ableton Live but none of the usual methods work.
    I’m probably missing something.

  2. OK final comment for the evening- the tempo subdivisions seem to be very limited- is there a reason for this?
    Whole thing sounds amazing though.

    1. We had initially a dotted and triplet mode but we realized we never used them as BPM is just way more practical to us. BPM is all useful value in one mode. You can go from 1/2 to 1/3 in one go, which seems more convenient to have to change mode for instance.

      That being said those mode could come back on popular demand. Is that something you’d like?

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