V 0.0.9

Ohmboyz Infinity
Ohmboyz Infinity

Release Notes:

v 0.0.9 : 20.01.2021

Recommended: if you had a prior install of Ohmboyz Infinity use Options/Reset Factory presets on the first launch of 0.0.9.

This version is a release candidate depending on your feedback!

Bug fixes:

  • Optimization of loading
  • Reload tempo – should vastly improve how patches sounded depending on your tempo
  • Step sequencer fix
  • Dry volume default value
  • AAX Bypass
  • Modulation of modulation polarity fix
  • Modulation meters fix
  • TimeLine range in bars
  • Various patches fix.
  • Several crashes on several DAWs/ OS
  • Too many fixes and improvement to count

Currently working on:

  • Maschine controles default bind

Feel free to comment here for any feature request or bug report.

2 thoughts on “V 0.0.9

  1. Hi,

    In Garageband, Ohmboyz-inf is not available and loading it (or any other Ohmboyz plug-in) into a slot in Ableton causes it to crash..

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